Tailor-made support

How is a session going?

You decide your goal

I take the time to discuss with you so that you can tell me the reasons why you want to be supported and what you would like to achieve as results.

I will ask you questions to help you see more clearly in all of this, and to find out what your real needs are today.

This discussion will help you broaden your thought path and develop your ideas about your desired future.

You will discover your inner resources and understand how you can regain power over your life, to orient yourself towards your desires and achieve your goals.

Trouver votre solution

You will be able to experience a state of hypnosis

You are going to discover to what extent this pleasant and interesting state allows you to live a meeting with yourself to go towards a well-being and towards a solution that suits you perfectly.

I do not hypnotize you, but with you!

I guide you through this experience, towards a pleasant state conducive to the work you want to do today.

It is not a matter of sleep but of a state similar to a reverie.

We do not sleep in hypnosis, but we wake up to ourselves.

In reality hypnosis is a perfectly natural state, you experience a state close to hypnosis regularly ...

- For example, when you read a book or go to the cinema, you are absorbed by the story, you share the emotions of the characters ... you can sometimes even experience strong emotions and be transported by it all.

There, in fact, it is quite simply a state of hypnosis that you are living there ...

It's like when you are sitting in the armchair at the cinema and at the same time on another level, you are so engrossed in the movie that you feel like you are there and really experiencing what it is. past.

- When you start dreaming about your last vacation, you see images in your head and maybe even, you manage to immerse yourself in the sensations, smells and sounds that accompanied these images.

And then the phone rings and you are pulled out of this experience which allowed you to be here and elsewhere at the same time ...

You already know how to do hypnosis!

During the session I guide you to deepen this state similar to what you already know how to do, to allow you to experience a meeting with yourself and to enter a state of hypnosis in a gentle, progressive and very pleasant way.

In this different state of consciousness, you have easier access to your unconscious resources ... it's like opening up a door to a hidden treasure!

At this point, the work is done in a more creative way and on a deeper level.



If your daily life is marred by the presence of traumatic memories and even if you try to forget and move on, the past is still everywhere, RITMO can help you put it all behind you for good and take a new start ...

Thérapie par mouvements oculaires

Normally our brain digests all the events of the day over time, and even more so when we sleep at night.

But sometimes certain events are not well digested.

Especially when it comes to traumatic events such as an accident, an assault, an emotional shock or any other moment in life where there has been a very strong emotion.

It is as if there had been a "bug" of the brain, and that the latter had not been able to digest and classify this event.

Some people have the impression that the emotion related to this moment is omnipresent in their daily life.

Even if the event in question is old, certain emotions can last, and are often the cause of anxiety and depression, which sometimes makes it difficult for those concerned to function normally in their day-to-day life.

RITMO® is a technique that combines bilateral visual, auditory or kinesthetic stimulation. What   allows to restart the brain in its process of digestion of emotions, by working on the memory of the trauma with eye movements, finger snaps (bilateral auditory stimulation) and light tapping on the shoulders or on the knees.

This technique, similar to EMDR used as part of a brief therapy, often gives surprising and liberating results (1 to 6 sessions depending on the case).

EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique

What is EFT?

EFT is a technique that involves tapping with the fingers on certain points of the hand, face and upper body, (you can see the points in the image)

The points concerned are on the meridians, which are channels for the flow of energy in the body. (the same ones that are used for acupuncture).

Chinese medicine says that ailments, physical, psychological and emotional are caused by a dysfunction in the energy flow of the meridians.

Emotions and thoughts create energy which is felt in the body.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

By creating stimulation on these points, the energy is allowed to get back into motion and rebalance.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.


As the work is done, you will be more and more attentive to what is within you, to welcome and release the emotions that need to be heard.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

This energy technique makes it possible to become aware of certain beliefs, often unconscious, which are at the origin of a malaise.

By putting the energy back in motion we can transform these mistaken beliefs by releasing negative energy, to focus on more positive and useful beliefs.