Whatever your problem, Sarah can support you in a personalized way to help you find your solution and give you new impetus!

The fields of application of hypnosis

and other brief therapies ...

Perte de poids, mieux manger, nouvelle vie, mincir, maigrir à Paris

° Weight loss
Do you want to lose weight? Have you tried several times? But does this weight always come back, often accompanied by a kilo or two more?
Most people who go on a diet end up being disappointed ...
They manage to lose weight and then put it back on, or they start a diet and do not last long enough to reach their ideal weight ...
The truth is that weight loss, to be sustainable must be part of a global change of modification of habits, sometimes beliefs, and often it is necessary to set up a new organization around the way of s 'feed.

Libérez vous de la cigarette, arrêter de fumer, sans grossir, sans stress
Stress - anxiété
Gestion des émotions
Déprime - dépression
Troubles de l'alimentation, anorexie, boulimie, compulsions alimentaires
Peur, phobie, incontrôllable, inéxpliquée, arraignée, avion, vertiges,
Préparation mentale
Préparation à l'accouchement, conception, post partum, accouchement naturel, FIV, fertilité
Développement personnel

° Smoking cessation
Do you want to quit smoking? But are you afraid of getting fat or being too stressed out?
Have you quit before and ended up resuming?
Stopping smoking using hypnosis helps prevent the weight gain and stress that may be felt at that time.

° Anxiety / Stress
Do you feel like you are no longer in control of your stress?
Are you quickly overwhelmed by emotions?
And do you have times when anxiety prevents you from living your life the way you want to?
Hypnosis helps you find the right solution for you.

° Emotions management
Do you feel like you're on edge?
Are emotions taking over your life?
I accompany you so that you think about how you would like things to change and then with the help of hypnosis you will be able to put these changes in place.

° Depression / lack of desire
Are you feeling sad and depressed?
Don't you want anything?
And you know it's time to react before it escalates?
Hypnosis helps you get out of this spiral that pulls you down, to move towards personalized wellness at your own pace.

° Eating disorders
Do you feel like you no longer have control over your eating habits?
Do you have food compulsions and you want to react?
With hypnosis you are able to change your perception of the problem and find new resources to move towards a new relationship with food and also with yourself.

° Fears / Phobias
Do you have unexplained or uncontrollable fears?
Sometimes an unexplained fear can ruin our existence and prevent us from living our life the way we want to. Fear hypnosis will help you get past that and deprogram this fear that has set in at some point.

° Mental preparation
Do you need to prepare for a particular event?
A competition or a sports competition?
Hypnosis uses the powers of the brain to help you prepare for that particular event whatever it is.

° Perinatal: Support during childbirth / IVF
Do you want to prepare for your childbirth with the help of hypnosis?
Do you want support to better experience all the stages and processes of IVF?
Hypnosis is a real accompaniment to prepare you for these special and important events for you.

° Personal Development
Do you want to evolve and improve certain areas of your life?
I can assist you in discovering all the resources at your disposal, to help you in your process of personal development.
I offer you tools well suited to your needs to move towards your goal of change.

A hypnosis session does not in any way replace a medical act / diagnosis, or prescription drugs.

The benefits do not replace a consultation with a doctor.