Transform Your Life 

Maybe it's time to free yourself from whatever is preventing you from moving forward and having the life you deserve !

A difficult relationship?

Too much stress or anxiety?

An infertility problem?

A need to better understand yourself ?

There are often many unconscious aspects that are at play within our problems, and that is why working in connection with these unconscious mechanisms will help you transform your experience (and your life).

Hypnosis is great for that!

Part of you knows that something else is possible, but you don't know how?

You are in the right place !

I can help you;

  1. Find more serenity and develop your self-confidence

  2. Heal your emotional wounds from the past and turn them into resources

  3. Better understand how the subconscious works in order to use it to your advantage

  4. Rediscover your joy for life and your optimism

Imagine being freed from everything that weighs you down and prevents you from being truly fulfilled ...

Become the creator of your life Today to transform your life of Tomorrow!

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I use hypnosis and other brief therapies to accompany each person with the utmost respect, adapting and taking into account the history and individual character of each, to move towards the solution in a very personalized way.


Very different from stage hypnosis, which can be a bit scary and give the impression that the hypnotist is taking control of the person; With therapeutic hypnosis we remain conscious and have full control during the session.

We don't go to sleep, we wake up to ourselves and our true potential ...

Accompanied by your hypnosis practitioner, you learn to enter a state of hypnosis in a gentle, progressive and very pleasant way to access your own unconscious resources.

Hypnosis is useful for all kinds of problems ...

George Eliott

Improve Your Fertility

If you suffer from infertility, you follow a course in assisted reproduction, or simply baby is keeping you waiting, I offer personalized support to better navigate this period of your life and to optimize your chances of achieving your dream of becoming a parent. .


Improve your fertility naturally with a mind body approach that allows you to become active in your quest for fertility.

A real accompaniment

You will be able to:

  • Reduce stress & feel more serenity

  • Calm negative thoughts and better manage your emotions

  • Overcome any psychological or emotional blockages to conception

  • Create a positive and clear state of mind while awaiting the conception of your baby.

I will accompany you in a personalized way with an empathetic and encouraging energy, using different techniques according to your wishes and needs, such as hypnosis, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, RITMO, Creative visualization and other brief therapy techniques.


I welcome you in a warm virtual space

The advantages of an online session


- More flexibility
You can do a session at home, at your office at lunchtime or at your vacation spot.

-The time saving

You save travel time, you don't have to tire yourself out using public transport or looking for a place to park your car.

- More tranquility

You can settle comfortably in your environment and feel perfectly at ease to welcome your emotions and live your session in peace.

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Se faire accompagner pour traverser des moments de la vie